“I cannot imagine my life without Milissa’s craniosacral therapy work. Every session delivers deep relaxation that leaves me feeling rested and restored.  Her energy work is grounded and in-tune with me as a client. I trust her implicitly. Milissa is a gifted body-worker who creates a refreshing atmosphere of calm. I always feel better merely stepping into the studio space, and when she starts a session it is such bliss.”

~ Patricia C.

“I started seeing Milissa to help with chronic migraines, vertigo, fatigue, and PTSD. Her sessions have made a large impact on my daily life! Milissa’s approach is gentle and helps me feel safe and secure. I always leave her space feeling lighter and more internally stable. I always look forward to my sessions with her. Milissa is warm, supportive, and performs her work with love.”

~ Lydia C.

“I keep coming back because of the powerful yet paradoxically gentle effect [these sessions have] had on my entire body and spirit. I can’t describe it better than to say I feel more connected to my body since working with Milissa, and a lot more loving towards it too. I think we’re always healing and moving toward wholeness, no matter where we’ve been, and I’m grateful for the skillful and kind practitioner I’ve found in Milissa.”

~ Denise A.

“Milissa has helped me so much with sleep and irritability around my menstrual cycle. I can’t say enough about craniosacral itself, but Milissa’s presence and wisdom is just as valued.”

~ Dawn P.