Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a bodywork modality that opens up transcendent states of being. Through gentle, skillful and intuitive touch, Milissa will guide you into “still point,” the restful space where deep healing and transformation arise. There is often a sense of floating during an hourlong session, while being held gently in timeless space. This is the place of pure spacious awareness that is your true home.

“I keep coming back because of the powerful, yet paradoxically gentle, effect the craniosacral sessions have had on my entire body and spirit.”
~ Denise A.

When the nervous system deeply relaxes, new neural pathways are laid down. So, instead of going into the old habitual patterns of stress, anxiety and overwhelm, you can begin to experience a new relaxed and open way of being. A pervasive feeling that “all is well” becomes the new default. Over time this ease carries over into daily life, as well as into your spiritual practice.

“Each session is so personal and attentive. I really feel Milissa’s skilled healing presence as a balm.”
~ Joanie M.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle practice where Milissa feels into the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, as the bones of the cranium and spine move back into into their natural alignment. The touch feels as light as the weight of a dime. Without gross manipulation very profound changes can occur, The micro-movements of Craniosacral therapy allow the body to unwind and release old trauma and habit patterns, naturally and easily. There is nothing you need to do, but simply to rest comfortably on a massage table receiving the healing energy.

“Milissa is a gifted body-worker who creates a refreshing atmosphere of calm. I always feel better merely stepping into the studio space, and when she starts a session it is such bliss.”
~ Patricia C.

Milissa’s peaceful studio is in the Longfellow/Howe neighborhood of South Minneapolis. When you schedule your first appointment you will receive an email with all the details.

Milissa Link is a skilled, compassionate and intuitive Craniosacral therapy practitioner. With deep attention and tenderness she meets even the most highly sensitive people exactly where they are. She works with a light touch, adding energy work to the deeply relaxing bodywork experience.

Her clients come away from their sessions feeling more balanced, clear and deeply nourished in Body-Mind-Spirit.

“I think we’re always healing and moving toward wholeness, no matter where we’ve been, and I’m grateful for the skillful and kind practitioner I’ve found in Milissa.”
~ Denise A.

Milissa has been in private practice for over 20 years. She is trained in Craniosacral Therapy as a Sacred Art, as well as Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Sivananda Yoga, Yoga Calm, Spring Forest Qi Gong, Polarity and Pranic Healing. She has facilitated Yoga, Meditation and Bodywork retreats in the Midwest, the Pacific Northwest and Mexico.

60-minute Craniosacral Therapy session: $100
4-Session Craniosacral Therapy package: $360

Private Energy + Sound Healing

Milissa Link and Marc Anderson also offer private sessions.

These healing sessions are lovingly improvised for each individual with live music and gentle touch. They offer an effortless opening into spacious awareness that is direct, peaceful and life-changing. The potent combination of sound therapy and Craniosacral therapy invites the whole self into deep relaxation. Entering into a liminal space where “all is well” we can taste freedom from suffering. And in this realm of peace and freedom we remember that we are not just beings, but Being itself.